Estate Planning

The attorneys at Munger & Associates are knowledgeable in a broad range of estate planning techniques.  The key to effective estate planning is a thorough knowledge of each client’s particular situation, and then structuring a plan that fulfills the goals and requirements of each person.  Whether your estate is modest or more extensive, we have the experience to tailor a plan to fit your specific needs.

Depending upon your needs, a Will or a Revocable Trust can be drafted to meet your requirements.  Powers of Attorney can be prepared, to insure that you have the assistance you need from a trusted friend or family member when the need arises.  You may also wish to prepare a Patient Advocate Designation, or “Living Will”, to authorize someone to make medical decisions for you in a time of need.  We would be happy to assist you in understanding these pieces of the estate planning puzzle, and how they fit together in your particular circumstances.

Estate planning need not be an expensive process.  Simple plans can be drafted in a very cost-effective manner.  The assurance and peace of mind they provide is important, however, as is the knowledge that your wishes and goals for your loved ones will be protected into the future, even when you are no longer able to guide them.


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